Yamaha C40 Classical Guitar Package

The Yamaha C40 Classical Guitar Package is an excellent choice for the beginning guitarist, classical or otherwise. Let's be honest - guitar package deals can be hit or miss. Sometimes, even though they are inexpensive, they're not much of a bargain. Fortunately, the guitar gurus at Yamaha know a thing or two about constructing a low-cost but quality guitar, including "all-in-one" guitar packages. For the price (around $160), the Yamaha C40 package is a pretty good deal. Let's look at what's included.

The Yamaha C40

To state the obvious, the package includes a guitar, in this case a full-sized classical guitar that is perfect for beginning players or other players who might be looking for a second instrument. While inexpensive, the C40 still sports a spruce top, rosewood fretboard, and a nato neck (a type of mahogany). The back and sides are made of meranti (Philippine mahogany). This is a traditional classical-style guitar, so no cutaway here. There are 18 frets and a 2" wide nut that facilitates classical technique as well.

Other Goodies

Of course, a guitar is just part of the deal, which is why you buy a guitar package in the first place. There is a padded gig bag to keep the guitar safe and dust-free, as well as a DVD and method book to get you started if you're a complete beginner. Since playing in tune is a necessary part of being a good guitar player, the C40 Classical guitar package also includes a digital tuner to facilitate tuning.

Just for Beginners?

So the C40 is a good choice for beginner to intermediate players, but who else could benefit from it? Believe it or not, the guitar is a good choice for advanced players who may not have much experience with classical or nylon string guitars. I would place myself in this category. I started classical guitar lessons later in life after I had already a good deal of proficiency in the electric guitar and even many acoustic guitar styles, including finger-style guitar. While not a C40 model, my first classical guitar was an inexpensive Yamaha, and it served me well for a couple of years. While I eventually upgraded to a more semi-professional level classical, my Yamaha classical guitar was an excellept choice as a beginning classical guitarist.

The Yamaha C40 Classical Guitar Package - Buying Advice

So regardless of whether you're a beginner or a more seasoned player looking to expand your musical horizons, the Yamaha C40 classical guitar package is a great choice.

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