About So Much Guitar!

Hi! Thanks for visiting my site, So Much Guitar!, which is about all things related to the guitar. My name is Scott, and I founded this site to share my passion and knowledge the guitar with you. In case you can't tell, I love this great instrument, which includes teaching, playing, studying, and buying as many as I can afford.

I've been teaching and playing the guitar professionally and semi-professionally for over twenty years. I predominately play rock and blues-based rock although I love studying jazz and classical as well and continue to do so in the Dallas area where I currently reside with my wife, son, and dogs.

In addition to the guitar itself, I'm pretty knowledgable and passionate about audio recording and recording technology. I do most of my work - music and otherwise - in my home studio, which is where I also do my practicing and teaching. Just so you know, I'm one of those Mac fanatics as well, and I was an Apple guy before they had enough money to buy Australia. But hey, it's nice finally realizing what I knew along.

Okay. Back to the guitar. I really do have a love affair with these things. I'm fortunate enough that I learned to play guitar in the 80s when guys weren't afraid to play 200 notes a second. Sure, the hair was big, the pants were tight, and the songs were often pretty dumb, but guys could shred! Then the 90s came, and guitar solos went "bye-bye," but the riffs were cool at least. Fortunately for guitar players, it's cool once again to shred. :)

For years, I've wanted a vehicle to share my knowledge and allow  me to share what I've learned with anyone willing to listen. I love playing (I currently play in a variety band in the DFW area) and teaching (I once taught over 40 students a week when I taught full-time), and I'm happy to help anyone who has any questions on how to improve, get started playing, buy a guitar, find lessons, and so forth. So please, shoot me an email and let me know how I can help. I'm glad to do so!

Thanks for visiting!


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