Guitar Charts

If you are trying to master chords, scales, or arpeggios, guitar charts can be very helpful, assuming you have charts that have been well-designed and you know how to use them properly. You need to be careful about charts you find online because some are not very well made - some even containing serious errors, so be cautious. Like any sort of educational material, scale charts, chord charts, and so forth  are tools, nothing more. They shouldn't be used as crutches for not learning the material cold.

Guitar Chord Charts

Guitar chord charts can be very useful to get a "bird's eye" view of how to construct chords and make telling the difference between different chord types much easier. However, a guitar chord chart should not be used as a substitute for learning chord formulas and how to construct your own chord forms. Still, for beginning - intermediate players, they can be very helpful. They can show how chords can be arranged according to key, position, and so forth. For visual learners, guitar chord charts can be invaluable.

Guitar Scale Charts

Because of the nature of the instrument, understanding and visualizing scales is frustrating for many guitarists. Like any stringed instrument, the guitar fretboard can be seen from either a vertical or horizontal perspective. It's important for players to see the fretboard in both ways, even simultaneously. Guitar scale charts can be immensely helpful in this regard. Most beginner scale charts focus on simple vertical patterns, usually one octave, with intermediate players graduating to two octaves. For advanced players, it's crucial to see scales running up the fretboard as well as across. As such, guitar scale charts can even be helpful for advanced players.

Guitar Arpeggio Charts

The last type of chart that players may use is an arpeggio chart, which shows how to play broken chords (i.e. arpeggios) using various fingering patterns and positions. Though some arpeggio patterns will resemble chord forms (after all, an arpeggio is simply the notes of a chord), there are often distinct differences with respect to fingering to facilitate the one-at-a-time sound of arpeggios.

Free Printable Guitar Charts

I plan to offer  several free chord, scale, and arpeggio charts for you to use. For starters, I have a free printable guitar chord chart with basic chords that you might enjoy. I've got more in the works. Please let me know if there's something I don't have that you'd like to see!

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