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Why Daisy Rock Guitars?

Daisy Rock guitars are purposely aimed at young girls with designs that are intended to appeal to both the physical and musical senses. Sure, some of the guitar designs might be described as “girly” to some (as if that’s a bad thing), but more importantly, Daisy Rock guitars are designed with a young girl’s frame in mind. The size of the neck and scale length of the instrument will allow a young girl to feel at home when she picks up the instrument and not be discouraged. In addition to some pretty nice flashy looking guitars, Daisy Rock provides instructional material that will appeal to young girls as well.

It’s safe to say that - on the whole - the world of guitar is a male-dominated world. That’s not a judgment call - just a statement of fact. Of course, there are a several notable exceptions - jazz great Emily Remler and rocker Jennifer Batten are just two incredible female guitarists that come to mind (and thankfully, sites like YouTube show us that there is no shortage of talented female guitarists out there).

Still, it's still a fact that most guitar players are guys and most guitar gear is aimed at them almost exclusively, as any perusal of a guitar magazine will demonstrate. Fortunately, there are folks with enough vision to recognize that girls want to rock too. Enter Daisy Rock!

Artist List

Founded by Tish Ciravolo, herself a talented guitarist and wife to Schecter Guitar Research president Michael Ciravolo, Daisy Rock instruments have become very popular in a relatively short time. It's not just young girl beginners who have taken to these first-rate guitars. Artists as diverse as Joan Jett, Vicki Peterson, Jane Wiedlin, and Lisa Loeb have been seen sporting Daisy Rock instruments. And don't think it's just the ladies who are enjoying the Daisy Rock trend - you can see Robert Smith and Chris Stein, among others, appreciating what Daisy Rock has to offer.

Company Offerings

The company offers a wide range of instruments, including true acoustics, acoustic electrics, and electric guitars. They also have several instruments in cool and enticing shapes like the Heartbreaker, Butterfly, Lady Bug, Comet, and Star. Several acoustic and electric models have designs and colors that many young ladies will find intriguing (including a Bangles signature model). An electric bass (the Rock Candy bass) is also available. Finally, Daisy Rock also offers numerous starter packs for acoustic guitar, electric gutiar, and ukulele that include necessary instructional material and accessories, such as picks, tuner, strap, and amplifier (if necessary).

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